Tentduino is an add-on I made for my tent to indicate oncoming weather patterns. Basically, it’s an Arduino Uno attached to a barometer that sends information to an LED strip. The LEDs glow variations of red or blue depending on the amount of change in barometric pressure since the Arduino was turned on—red for a negative pressure change and blue for a positive change. The color’s brightness indicates the amount of change, i.e. a bright red means a large negative drop.

The source code is on github and I included a schematic and photo below, should you want to build your own. Here’s what I used to make it:

Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit

BMP085 Barometer

LED Strip - I went with 2m.

12V/5V Power Supply - I used a different supply that’s no longer available on Amazon. This one should do the trick and seems to be of better quality, too.

USB Cable - Connects the battery pack to the Arduino.

Female-Female DC Adapter - Connects the 5V power cable from the battery pack to the Male DC Power Adapter, which is hooked up to the LEDS.

Male DC Power Adapter - You’ll only need one, but Adafruit sells them from $2 a pop. They’re fifty cents each in this pack and you’ll end up with extra for other projects.

Arduino Sidekick Kit - This includes the button and resistor you’ll need, plus other parts you’ll probably use in future projects.

Soldering Iron - You can opt for a more expensive iron, but I used a cheap one like this and it did the trick.


I’m planning to prototype a few more Arduino camping products, which I’ll post here once they’re ready. This was my first electrical engineering project, so if you spot a mistake in the design, let me know!





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